The Latest in Air-conditioning Systems – Inverter Technology

The Latest in Air-conditioning Systems – Inverter Technology

Inverters optimise operating frequency thereby ensuring that correct and maximum power is supplied to all heating and cooling appliances. This results in peak performance levels and high energy efficiency.

How do Inverters work

Electrical voltage, current and frequency of the compressor motor in an air-conditioner are electronically controlled by the Inverter. Sensors track the environmental conditions and control the speed of the motor. This has a direct bearing on the air-conditioner output. Optimal control of operating frequency eliminates high utility bills while guaranteeing great comfort levels.

Benefits of Inverter Technology

As the operating frequency is optimally controlled, there is an increase in compressor motor speed when the air-conditioner is switched on. This quickly brings the room temperature to comfort levels – much faster than non-inverter AC units.

The room temperature and the compressor motor speed frequency are continuously monitored by sensors to maintain a stable and even setting. The large temperature fluctuations in non – inverter ACs is now a thing of the past.