Air Conditioning Maintanance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance is the key to an air-conditioning system working at peak performance levels – one reason why Dual Zone puts great emphasis on this aspect. We offer top of the line repairs and maintenance services which in turn leads to a trouble free AC unit during the full life span of the system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Schedule

A seamless servicing schedule round the year increases the lifespan of the unit, enhances energy efficiency levels, and reduces expenses on fixing and repairs. We understand that any breakdown and downtime of your air-conditioning system can lead to severe discomfort in the home and a drastic cut in output in the office. Hence our technicians are available round the clock to take care of any adverse issues at the earliest.

When you call Dual Zone to work out a maintenance schedule for your AC unit, our technicians will leave nothing to chance from step one. A detailed on-site survey will be first made to evaluate the health of the system. The state of important parameters like level of performance, air quality, noise and energy efficiency will be informed to you along with our recommendations to set things right. This will be our maintenance proposal based on the budget you have in mind. Our work will start once you approve our report.

The survey submitted by us will be transparent with no hidden costs. But of course, provision will be there for any sudden and unforeseen breakdowns.

Air testing

As part of our air conditioning maintenance programme, we also carry out air testing. Quality of air is a crucial factor in comfort levels both in the office and home. This includes testing indoor coils for mould and bacteria, air filtration assessment and checking for contamination in drip trays and indoor fans. We will then submit a report with suggestions for servicing and repairs.

We maintain and repair any make and model of air-conditioners. For any such issues, get in touch with Dual Zone now!

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