Dualzone Airconditioning, based in Melbourne, Australia is one of the market leaders in installing, maintaining and servicing of all top of the line HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems. We strongly believe, and likewise advise our clients too that while significant energy saving strategies can be built into new constructions, performance of existing HVAC systems can be considerably enhanced by adopting innovative techniques.

We advise our clients to –

  • Install the correct configuration – Putting in systems that have a higher rating than required as per the size of the establishment is uncalled for investment and means higher operating costs.
  • Insulate buildings well – Curbing loss of heat in winter and gain of heat in summer leads to thermal efficiency and lower utility bills. This can be achieved by proper insulation of roof spaces, ceilings walls and pipes and hot and cold air ducts. These should not have any leaks.
  • Use timers – These automatically turn off the HVAC unit when the building is unoccupied, leading to savings in energy bills.
  • Replace old systems with energy efficient ones – If replacing old HVAC becomes necessary, only the latest high energy efficient ones should be installed.
  • Consider variable speed drives – VSDs on air conditioning fans regulate the speed of the fan. This in turn helps to control the amount of air that is required to be moved throughout the building for optimum cooling or heating efficiency. Since the compressor too powers down considerably, it results in savings on energy usage.
  • Use radiant heating- This heats up objects rather than air and hence requires less power. It is very useful in warehouses, garages and patios.

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