Home Heating System

Home Heating System


A good home heating system can keep you warm and comfortable during those harsh winter months. At Dual Zone Air Conditioning, we have over 20 years of experience in HVAC systems. We can install all kinds of heating systems to keep you warm and comfortable. If you are not sure which home heating system would be right for you, we can help you make an informed decision.

Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating systems can be placed outdoors or indoors with ducting that’s interconnected throughout your home. This system gathers cold air from the house by way of the return air grille. It then brings out warm air from the heat exchange through the floor or ceiling outlets.

Reverse Cycle Heating

When you want warm air delivered by way of just one set of ducts, a reverse cycle heating system is ideal. Also known as a heat pump, this home heating system is highly efficient in warming up large spaces and open living rooms. It comprises an indoor unit and a condenser that’s placed outdoors.

Hydronic Heating

A hydronic heating system works with a boiler to heat up water that is sent to the radiator panels across your home. There’s no air involved in this system. All you receive is pure heat. Hydronic systems come in a wide range of options.

Split Systems

A split system is a great way to condition the air in a room. It can cool the space or even heat it. It is highly efficient, economical and very practical. These are available in console, floor standing, bulk head, ceiling cassette and wall mounting options.

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